The Endurance Mindset is key in all training and we want to be sure to cover them all. This week, we interviewed Rasmus Wejnold Jørgensen, a pole vaulter training in Sparta, the biggest athletic club in Denmark. Rasmus likes to train with our DANISH ENDURANCE Low-Cut Pro Running Socks in summer and Performance Crew Tennis Socks in winter. Check out his interview below!
  1. Tell us a little bit about you!
I’m 29 years old and was born and raised in Copenhagen. I have a few hobbies and busy everyday life. I live with my girlfriend in a nice apartment that we recently renovated and work full-time as a doctor with changing schedules. Whenever I can, I do my training while trying to fill every bit of free time with friends, family or hobbies. Besides that, I like to go spearfishing, even in the winter time.
  1. When did your passion for pole vault start?
I started training when I was 5 years old. In the beginning, I did everything from running to jumping to throwing. At age 13 I picked up pole vault and realized pretty early that I had a certain talent for the discipline. When I started competing at the youth and junior championships I realized I also really liked the sport.
  1. How does a typical training look like for you?
Generally, I have three different types of training: running and sprinting, weight lifting, and pole vaulting. Usually, one training session takes around 1,5 - 2 hours. As pole vault is very explosive, pretty much all of my training is explosive, with some breaks in between. I rarely run more than 5km at a time.
  1. Do you train in any specific athletic club? If yes, what is the best aspect of being with people that are as passionate as you?
I train in Sparta, the biggest athletic club in Denmark. Even though it’s an individual sport I think it’s cool to train with others in order to socialize.
  1. Pole Vault requires a lot of physical preparation. How important is the endurance mindset in this discipline?
Even though every jump is very explosive and takes less than 10 seconds, the endurance mindset is really important for pole vaulters. A full competition can take up to several hours. It is crucial to perform at the best level on every jump which is mentally extremely challenging.
  1. You took part in several competitions in these past years. What is a competition that pole vaulters should not absolutely miss?
I think every major championship like the European Championship or the World Championship has been once in a lifetime experiences. A particular international competition that I really like is in a small German city called Tegernsee, where the setup is so crazy – the runway leads onto a lake where the pole vault pit is laying on. So, you actually jump onto the lake with big mountains in the background, very picturesque.
  1. Do you have any projects for 2019?
2019 will be a year full of work as I am doing my residency. On top of that, I am training 4-5 times a week, so I do what I can to keep in shape.
  1. You are also a full-time doctor – which must take a lot of your time. How do you manage to stay motivated and attend the training?
Motivation can be a real challenge with fatigue. After a 16-hour shift during night time, it is difficult to get up and train. I try to just get out of the door somehow and then – usually when I get going – the motivation soon follows.
  1. What advice would you give to people facing a similar lifestyle in order not to lose motivation?
Find a group of people to train with. That way you have others, not just yourself, to make excuses too if you feel like skipping training.
  1. Being an athlete requires a lot of discipline. Do you have any guilty pleasures though?
I have to keep candy and sweets pretty much out of my sight to not dig in. But with training comes a high calorie need too, so I keep the same weight and shape.
  1. What are your favorite DANISH ENDURANCE socks and why?
My favorites are the Low-Cut Pro Running Socks for training. They are light, have a tight fit and a good quality. In the winter time, I use the Performance Crew Tennis Socks for more warmth.
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