For the biennial DANISH ENDURANCE Award, the DANISH ENDURANCE team invites friends, fans, and family into the corporate headquarters for an evening of celebration and recognition of true talent, determination, and endurance.
  [caption id="attachment_97457" align="alignright" width="693"]founder and CEO of DANISH ENDURANCE Nicolaj Due addressing the crowd at DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019 Founder and CEO of DANISH ENDURANCE Nicolaj Due addressing the crowd at DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019[/caption]  

This year the award show was held on the 4th of June. We welcomed 150 excited guests in for drinks, food, and entertainment. DANISH ENDURANCE founder and CEO Nicolaj Due touched upon what exactly our mission as a company is and how we support athletes in their endurance efforts. Supporting and rewarding talented athletes and inspiring people to exercise and pursue a healthy lifestyle is at the foundation of our brand. As a brand, we believe the secret to achieving greatness lies in one’s ability to endure challenges, go the extra mile and commit to one’s goals. We wish to reward and recognize people that do exactly this. Therefore, we choose one of our ambassadors whom in the previous 2 years have achieved extraordinary accomplishments and progress, as the recipient of the DANISH ENDURANCE Award.

  There were food trucks present to serve Italian and Mexican arrays of cuisine, and the bar was filled with drinks of preferred choices. All guests received goodie bags of DANISH ENDURANCE products and more. There was an opportunity to catch up with past acquaintances and form new relationships with friends and business partners. This resulted in some very exciting news for the DANISH ENDURANCE brand, which we will reveal in the coming weeks.   [caption id="attachment_97460" align="aligncenter" width="685"]Guests and athletes at the DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019 Guests and athletes at the DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019[/caption]

Recipient of the award
As many of you may know, Rasmus Kragh recently became the first Dane ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest without artificial oxygen. Commonly, athletes undergo enormous amounts of pressure to perform. However, for Rasmus, with his life on the line with each and every step, he had to climb to an ultra-focused state and stay determined throughout. Luckily for Rasmus and everyone following him, the man is built of pure iron will. As a genuine, true, and talented athlete, Rasmus truly encompasses what we are as a brand and what we stand for. The mountain-climber was present at this year's DANISH ENDURANCE Award, reporting of his learnings and his recollection of the Mt. Everest journey.   [caption id="attachment_97464" align="aligncenter" width="676"]Rasmus Kragh at the DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019 Rasmus Kragh at the DANISH ENDURANCE Award 2019[/caption]   To his challenges in nature, Rasmus comes across as a fearless competitor, regularly sacrificing his body to achieve a greater mental state. Accredited with intense mental strength and durability, Rasmus was able to do what no other Dane has ever done before and that only a few others have ever done. This is why Rasmus was awarded the DANISH ENDURANCE Award and the 25.000 DKK prize.   [caption id="attachment_97467" align="aligncenter" width="639"]Rasmus Kragh receiving the DANISH ENDURANCE Award and 25.000 DKK prize Rasmus Kragh receiving the DANISH ENDURANCE Award and 25.000 DKK prize[/caption]   The DANISH ENDURANCE team wishes all of our ambassadors good luck in their coming efforts and challenges. We will be with them on the sidelines, continuously cheering them on as they inspire and overcome. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. We look very much forward to the next DANISH ENDURANCE Award. Do you happen to know a young inspiring athlete with potential on an international level? Feel free to send us your suggestion via support@danishendurance.com.  
Read all about Rasmus’ legendary achievement in our coming blog post. Here we got the chance to interview Rasmus as he returned from Mount Everest. For DANISH ENDURANCE products, visit www.danishendurance.com/shop For more stories on all DANISH ENDURANCE, health, endurance sports, and much more, visit www.danishendurance.com/stories