You see them at the events, the races, and the running store, and they always look like they are having a great time. Running clubs can be a great way for you to commit to your running adventure and to bring more excitement to the sport ?.  They exist for all different types of runners, from casual runners to long-distance trailblazers to sprinters. Running is fun and so is hanging out with friends. A combination of both? That is the sweet spot. ?
Here we give you an overview of the best Copenhagen running communities for you to join.
  1. Sparta Atletik & Motion
Sparta Athletics Club is Denmark’s largest non-profit running organization. Based in Østerbro, Copenhagen, the club has over 1500 members who practice running and athletics on all levels. Here you can choose between 20 different runner’s teams that have different levels and work towards specific races with each individual’s ambitions in mind. The club is very much present at major athletic events - such as the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon and CPH Half. Furthermore, the club holds a strong social culture. At Sparta, you get weekly training sessions with coaches as well as access to the Sparta fitness center. Price: An active membership in Sparta costs DKK 600 pr. Quarter + DKK 100 membership fee. Passive memberships cost DKK 60 pr. Quarter. All ages welcome. For more information visit  
  1. FIF LØB
As an active part of the Frederiksberg athletic culture, FIF LØB is a well-acknowledged athletics club with a focus on running. The club actively participates in races and seeks to have teams in the best leagues across all ages. Whether you are looking for a casual place to meet likeminded people and develop your running skills, or you want to participate in races on an elite level, FIF LØB can cater to all your running needs. Price: Depending on your age group, the price varies from DKK 275 - DKK 575 pr. Quarter + DKK 100 membership fee. Passive membership costs DKK 200 annually. For more information visit  
  1. Fortius Running Club
If you wish to get in shape in a nice and easy environment, Fortius is for you. Here running in unison creates ambiance and is an effective way to commit to training. Most of the members are in their mid-twenties to their mid-forties. You will be assigned to your desired team based on ambitions and level, and you will then train towards your goals with this team. This club regards the social aspect as highly as the training. Therefore, they continuously arrange social activities for all members. The club is based in Østerbro. Price: The membership fee is DKK 400 annually. For more information visit 
Joining a running community can be a great thing to do for several reasons. No matter which club you wish to join, make sure to have the right gear in place for your athletic adventure! Visit for a wide selection of performance-optimizing socks. ⭐️ The DANISH ENDURANCE team wishes you well on your future running endeavors ☺️   Visit for more posts Visit for our shop