Spotted: our DANISH ENDURANCE Hiking Socks made it to Tuscany, where a group of local hikers is taking them on their adventures on the Apuan Alps. Today, we are interviewing Wild Trails Guide Escursionistiche, to find out more about their projects within the Province of Lucca, Garfagnana, and Media Valle. They will also share some of their favorite hiking spots. So, keep reading if you are planning a trekking trip to Tuscany! ;)
1. What is Wild Trails Guide Escursionistiche?
Wild Trails is a project organized by four qualified hiking guides, united by the desire to transmit their passion for hiking and enhance and promote the places where they were born and raised: the North of the Province of Lucca, Garfagnana and Media Valle in Tuscany.
2. Who are the faces behind this project?
Wild Trails was born from the idea of Manuel Bini, Stefano Lera, and Daniele Bonini, around a table in a chestnut and fir forest. We were having a post-work beer in Parco Avventura Selva del Buffardello, where we were working as guides and where Manuel is the responsible hiking tour manager. Nicholas Fontanini recently joined the Wild Trails project in order to make it grow.
3. What inspired you to create this project?
We had the dream of creating a professional network with info points, accommodations, and incoming agencies operating on the territory in order to create week-long walking adventure holidays. In addition to this original goal, which we have developed, we also want to develop an annual and seasonal plan in order to offer all-year-long experiences on the weekends.
4. What are the values that you wish to promote with the Wild Trails project?
The beauty and the spirit of places are what drives our constant quest for new sites. This is what we want to transmit, together with the pleasure of rediscovering “slow” tourism in the respect of nature.
5. What are your favorite hiking spots?
There are many. We like to indicate them on Instagram with the hashtags: #wildtrailsulsentierogiusto #localguidesbestexperiences #indreamsbeginresponsabilities #neverstophiking.
6. What was the most challenging path you had to face? And what about the most stunning landscape you came across to?
The most challenging path was on the Apuan Alps, in the area between Passo Fiocca and Passo Sella. The difficulty of the path was increased by an unexpected summer rainstorm. Instead, one of our favorite views is on the ridge connecting Monte Giovo (1900 MAMSL) to Monte Sillano (1800 MAMSL) in the Appenino Tosco Emiliano National Park.
7. Which paths would you recommend to our DANISH ENDURANCE Community?
Among the most popular sites on the Apuan Alps, there is “Monte Forato” - literally a mountain that has a hole around - La Pania Della Croce, and the Orto di Donna Valley. On the Appennino, we recommend Monte Giovo, Monte Sillano, and Pania di Corfino.
8. What are the most rewarding aspects of running Wild Trails?
Transforming our passion in an actual job that is growing more and more and obtaining great feedback from our customers. Promote the territory where we live in, in a sustainable way.
9. You all are professional hiking guides, what advice would you give to people approaching hiking for the first time?
Prudence, constancy and a good kit.
10. You recently started using our DANISH ENDURANCE Hiking and Hiking Light Socks, what do you think about them?
We tested them both in the long and short distances. They have excellent feet protection and fit. They are also very breathable, with the right shoes.
11. What are your projects and aspirations for the future?
We want to constantly improve the local tourism, engaging people that are already present on the territory. You can stay posted on Wild Trails' hiking initiatives here.