Motivation, self-discipline and a cup of coffee in the morning. These are the words best characterizing Stina Troest, the Olympic runner striving to represent Denmark in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the 400-meter hurdles. Born in 1994, this speedster has energies to sell. Stina has been practicing sports since her very early childhood. She sets her goals ambitiously and trains with guts and ambition to reach them. The 24-year old athlete follows an intense training routine, which is all about sprints and endurance intervals, distance running, strength and technical workouts. Stina exercises with great commitment, bringing her shoes – and socks(!) – wherever she goes. Check out her interview below!
1. When did you start to run and who and what motivates you?
I started doing track and field/running when I was 3 years old. My motivation comes from standing on the track at Championships like WC, EC and the Olympics where the atmosphere is outstanding.
2. Have you ever practiced any other sports?
When I was little I did handball, swimming, badminton, and dancing.
3. What would a typical day look like for you?
On a typical day, I wake up at 6.30 am, eat breakfast and drink coffee. Then I have my first-morning session at 9 am. My first session is done around 11.00 am and then I have lunch around 12.30 pm Then I sometimes have physio and massage. School/studying for 4 hours and then I have my evening session from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm. Then I go home, relax and have dinner around 9 PM and straight to bed afterward.
4. How often and how do you usually train?
I train 6 days a week. Two sessions Tuesday and Thursday. My training sessions are about sprinting, distance running, core, strength, and technical workouts. 
5. What do you do to relax after an exhausting day of training?
My days off I usually go to my favorite cafe, relax and read. Sometimes I also go to the sauna.
6. We know that you are training for the European Athletics Championships which take place in Berlin next year. What are your expectations for this?
Getting to the final is my main goal. But first, I need to qualify.
7. You love to travel – what is your favorite destination? ...and where would you like to go next if you could choose any place?
My favorite place is very difficult to pick. But probably Bali or the Philippines. I would love to visit Sri Lanka, Kenya or Hawaii.
8. What is your favorite food?
Dishes that contain fish. 
9. What is your favorite Danish Endurance product and why?
Low-cut socks. Perfect for training!
10. How will you celebrate Christmas this year?
I will celebrate Christmas in South Africa this year.
11. Do you have any advice for us on how to get a healthy start to the new year?
Set some realistic goals. Follow Stina on Instagram here: @stinatroest