Hi, my name is Stéphanie Versteeg and I am a travel writer from the Netherlands. I’m the adventurous kind of travel girl and for my blog I get to travel the world on a regular basis. For the last 10 years, I have conquered our beautiful planet with flip flops and sneakers. I climbed mountains in Austria and Laos and did challenging hiking trips in the jungle of Indonesia. As you can imagine, that did not go without a little struggle: I injured several body parts when falling from slippery rocks and always prayed for a good outcome when climbing to a new viewpoint. Despite some serious bruises I always survived, but it wasn’t really convenient to do these kinds of hikes on worn-out sneakers or flip flops. A few months ago, I finally stocked up on some more professional travel gear. I exchanged the flip flops for some decent hiking boots and paired it with the merino wool hiking socks by Danish Endurance. I took them to Sicily for a short trip and - this will not come as a surprise - what a relief! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? The hiking boots are perfect for hikes and adventures on rugged ground, but especially the socks are a lifesaver: I haven’t stopped wearing them ever since. The Danish Endurance hiking socks are made with 33% merino wool and have a padded area to absorb shocks. The socks are quite thick and keep your feet warm, but at the same time, they dry quickly after washing them, which is extremely convenient when on the road. They help prevent blisters and injuries, but I also use them as my everyday socks. I am even wearing them right now, just at home, writing stories at the kitchen table. After all these years of traveling, with Danish Endurance I’m finally prepared to do some more serious hiking. I’m looking forward to taking my new gear on a stroll somewhere remote, and I already have a destination in mind. This year I’m planning to go to Madagascar, and I can’t wait to wear my socks for a confident hike or climb in one of its national parks. Follow Stéphanie on Instagram here: @expeditieaardbol