Few months after our interview with our DANISH ENDURANCE Ambassador Rasmus Kragh, we are sharing with you the key facts of his 2019 expedition on Mount Everest.


Danish Endurance ambassador Rasmus Kragh climbing Mount EverestThis May 2019, the mountain athlete Rasmus Kragh, has embarked on the ambitious mission of climbing Mount Everest without the use of artificial oxygen.

This is a big deal for both Rasmus and Denmark. So far, 17 Danes have climbed the 8848 meters mountain. Yet, all of them were using supplemental oxygen. If Rasmus manages in his endeavors, he will be the first Dane reaching the peak without the use of artificial oxygen.

This is Rasmus’ third attempt of reaching the summit. The Danish mountain athlete tried for the past 2 years but was forced to stop due to bad weather conditions. He was only 200 mt away from the top of the world. During our latest interview in March, Rasmus seemed more committed than ever, openly speaking about his previous 2 failed attempts and sharing the learnings he would take on with him this year. Today, as the final summit push is approaching, we are sharing with you some updates on his mission.


Rasmus arrived on Mount Everest in mid-April 2019. After few stops at the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazar (3500 mt), Tengboche Monastery (3900 mt), and Dingboche (4100 mt), he settled down at Basecamp 1 (5300 mt). Here, he started training and getting used to lower oxygen levels.

While in Basecamp 1, Rasmus also shared his plan for his expedition.

Rasmus Plan to climb EverestAfter spending a few days at 5300mt, Rasmus went through a glacier to reach Basecamp 2 (6200 mt). Here, he spent a couple of nights before further climbing up to Basecamp 3 (7000 mt). After going down to 5300 mt to rest, Rasmus further climbed up to Basecamp 4 (8000 mt), the last place where he spent the night in the harshest acclimatization attempt. Before undertaking the actual summit push, Rasmus came back to the 4400 meters level. This was done in order to grant him a proper rest before the final challenge. While resting at 4400 mt, Rasmus shared some insights about his experience so far. He soon got used to the large quantity of ice and slippery surfaces, while training his muscles to bear the weight of all the equipment. Rasmus also gave us some updates regarding his physical health: his oxygen uptake has been better than in previous years, and his resting heart rate is lower. Rasmus has announced that he plans to reach the summit somewhere this week. On May 19th, he moved again to Basecamp 2, where he is patiently waiting for the weather conditions to be favorable. In the latest message he sent to his communication team, he said that he was more ready than ever. Rasmus might be climbing now while you are reading, and we urge you to send Rasmus all your support!  


Which socks would you bring on the top of the world?Mountain Athlete Rasmus Kragh with Danish Endurance Socks A smiling Rasmus shared his plan in the latest video he sent us. The Danish athlete will use a combination of our Merino Wool Anti-Tick Socks, Alpine Performance Ski Socks, and our Kompressionsstrømper. As an endurance brand, we are very happy that we got the chance to support Rasmus and to accompany him on such a great adventure – regardless of the outcome. Because endurance is about setting up your goals and working hard towards reaching them, no matter how many times you try.  
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