A resistance band can be a great tool to utilize for those who do not have the time to visit the gym or simply want to add extra pressure and efficiency to their exercise routine. If you’re going on vacation or going traveling, a resistance band can allow you to take your workouts with you. You might be surprised by the several different benefits and incremental gains you can achieve from utilizing this tool.

Sideways laying down leg raises

Cardio is the fastest way to burn calories.

  However, strengthening your muscles is an intrinsic aspect of conditioning and weight loss. Lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism and burns fat at a higher level. Resistance training helps you lose fat alone – rather than muscle weight. This acts as a cheap, affordable, and natural solution to stronger muscles, increased explosiveness, and faster weight loss. This inexpensive tool can be added to your workout routine – or replace it entirely.  

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Some of the benefits of implementing a resistance band to your workouts include:

  • They are cheap and inexpensive. You gain a lot of benefits for little cost other than sweat.
  • Easily adaptable across all fitness levels. Whether you are a champion Ironman athlete or a newbie gym goer, a resistance band can help you improve where you wish to.
  • Exercise while traveling. A resistance band allows you to bring your workouts with you on the road, allowing you to mitigate the loss of those hard-earned gains.
  • Safe exercising. This tool is a natural supplement to your workouts, which utilizes the body’s own weight and ads pressure. You are unlikely to incur any injuries while using this tool.
  • Effective workouts and a greater challenge. Whether you are using free weights such as dumbbells or a resistance band (or both combined), your body is pushing through resistance. If you add extra resistance to your exercises by using a resistance band, you put your muscles through a greater challenge. This, in turn, will reward you with a more effective exercise routine.
Resistance band lateral walk

Different exercises to use with a resistance band include:

  • Squats with a band wrapped around your legs. The classic squat, but with a little twist. Implement a resistance band between your legs to add more pressure on your thighs. You can choose to do this with or without a weighted bar. Repeat 8-10 times, 3x sets.
  • Lateral squat walk. Insert a resistance band between your legs, just above the knees. Squat down and start walking sideways. This exercise fully engages your glutes and hip abductors, while strengthening all major muscles in your hips, thighs, and legs for improved stability and flexibility. 6-8 steps to each side, 3x sets.
  • Standing sideways leg raises. Standing next to a rib, bind the resistance band between your leg and the rib at knee level. Raise your leg laterally. Turn around and work the other leg. 6-8 raises to each side, 3x sets.
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