With Christmas approaching, we put together this Christmas gift guide to help you find the perfect socks for your loved ones, whether they are fond of running, hiking or simply looking good in a pair of nice dress socks. 

Check the different categories below and simply click on the links to open the specific product pages! ? 


Our running socks span from Low-Cut Socks, Quarter Pro Socks and Kompressionsstrømper and Sleeves. With their technical ventilation lanes, anti-blister areas and breathable fabrics, these socks will keep your feet going during your winter runs or in preparation for your marathons and half marathons!


Our Compression Line will make your legs feel light like a feather and help you fight back that awful feeling of swelling legs!   Our Kompressionsstrømper and Sleeves will specifically help you to improve your sports performance and post-workout recovery, while our Organic Cotton Socks will support you during the long plane or car trips you have planned for these holidays.


Our Merino Wool Hiking Socks collection is meant to keep your feet warm and cozy and protect them from the freezing cold. Choose among our Merino Wool Hiking Classic Socks, our Hiking Light Socks, and Anti-Tick Socks! Have a read at this article to know more about them!  


Socks are our specialty, but we are good at other stuff, too!  Our boxer shorts are the perfect present for your husband, boyfriend or friend – their classic cut offers premium comfort!  Our Compression Knee Sleeve is good in case you need to recover from a knee injury.   Finally, if you are already projected towards new year’s resolutions, our set of Resistance Bands will help you out during your fitness exercises.


Want to give your loved ones a pair of classy, elegant socks? Our line of dress socks is what you need!   Spice up your Christmas outfits with our colorful Cotton Dress and Merino Dress Socks! And opt for our Performance Crew Tennis Socks for a casual, sporty look! Happy shopping! We wish you all a Merry Christmas :)