Our previous article introduced you to the benefits of compression socks. But how do you select the compression sock that is best for YOU?  You’ve come to the right place! This article will serve as your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect DANISH ENDURANCE compression socks! Here at Danish Endurance, we offer two types of compression socks and one type of calf compression sleeve. Let’s dive right into the underlying technical details! DANISH ENDURANCE Guide to compression socks


Graduated compression: Both our Kompressionsstrømper and Calf Compression Sleeves are equipped with an 18-21 mmHg compression. This corresponds to a “high/moderate” compression, which is optimal for boosting performance and achieving a faster recovery in your calves, feet, ankles, or legs. This level of compression is also perfect for individuals facing mild leg discomforts such as leg swelling and aching, early varicose or spider veins, initial restless leg syndrome, etc. Our compression is certified by the Swiss Medical Stocking Tester technology (the most feared compression garments’ test!) which grants our socks with credibility and reliability. Materials: Our Compression Socks and Calf Compression Sleeves are crafted with polyamide and elastane. Before raising your eyebrows skeptically due to the lack of cotton, be aware that the combination of these 2 materials provides our socks with elasticity, allowing them to best adhere to your feet and calves to prevent unpleasant slippery situations. Furthermore, polyamide and elastane create a unique and resistant fabric that can endure the countless frictions and transpiring during sports training.
Who should buy them? 
Born with the goal of supplementing athletes throughout their training sessions – whether they are running, cycling, triathlon, fitness, soccer or rugby -, our graduated compression socks have also been shown to provide relief to those who spend hours standing or sitting down at a desk or in a plane. Graduated compression socks and sleeves are ideal for: - Athletes and sports fanatics that desire to improve their performance or achieve faster recovery - Anyone in need of energizing their legs during an entire day on their feet - Businessmen traveling often by plane - Anyone suffering from leg swelling and aching and mild leg discomforts
To Socks or to Sleeves? This is the problem!
Can’t decide whether to go with the socks or sleeves? Wondering if there is a difference at all? The decision is up to you! For some athletes, it’s a matter of preference – if you have a lucky pair of low-cut socks, you might want to consider sleeves. However, we advise to opt for compression socks on two specific occasions: - If you are traveling by plane, compression socks are better indicated to prevent blood from collecting in between ankles and feet. - If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, compression socks provide better support.


Graduated compression: Our Organic Cotton Compression Socks have a 14-20 mmHg compression. This corresponds to a moderate/light compression, which is perfect to prevent varicose veins and help swelling legs. Also, this level of compression is optimal for those traveling long distances. Materials: These compression socks are realized of 55% of organic combed cotton, 31% polyamide and 14% elastane. In general, combed cotton reduces moisture and provides a softer sensation than normal cotton. Furthermore, the decision to employ organic cotton ensures a low environmental impact. Elastane ensures a good feet-shape retention.
Who should buy them?
These socks are ideal for travel, work, sport as well as medical use. Whether you are undertaking a long journey, spending several hours on a plane, or sitting at a desk, these socks will give your legs the “light as a feather” sensation they deserve! The socks are also suitable for use during pregnancy, as they provide relief from the aching legs while also allowing a fashionable look. Nurses, doctors, hairdressers, all who spend countless time standing to appreciate the relief and style these socks provide. Try them out today!