Let’s be honest, we all strive to look our best, whether it be for exercise or not. Considering this, we have created the perfect blend between causal and sport with our new Performance Crew Socks. With a clean silhouette and minimalistic design, these socks are designed to satisfy your need for either a dress, athletic, or casual sock to be worn both on and off the tennis court. Whether you've been caught up in the Stranger Things 80’s vibe or want to “be like Kanye,” there is no question the popularity of the Performance Crew type socks has skyrocketed. But do you really know these socks, or are you simply caught up in the hype? Let’s take you behind the scenes into the technical specificities of the DANISH ENDURANCE Performance Crew Tennis Socks.

The perfect height, the perfect comfort

By definition, performance crew socks are categorized as a mid-calf length sock, making them perfect for any shoe you can think of such as sneakers, dress shoes, or boots, perhaps just avoid pairing them with stilettos (we would, however, be accepting of the German way-with sandals!). This length also provides good protection for your ankles as well as your lower legs. Aside from their perfect height, our socks have been created to provide you with the greatest comfort. Their silhouette is designed to anatomically adhere to your feet and the full cushion sole establishes extra foot protection-for a goodbye-blisters feeling! Furthermore, these socks feature cooling ventilation lanes to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. Finally, because we really wanted to spoil you, these socks have been produced with the use of OEKO-TEX Certified cotton. This fancier version of normal cotton features fibers that are literally “combed” out of impurities prior to being spun into yarn. The result? A much softer touch that is extremely suitable for sensitive skin.

Still not convinced?

Well, we have worked tirelessly combining athlete’s insights with the best street style looks to create the perfect sock for you. After testing and developing our socks with Olympian gold medalist handball player Casper U. Mortensen and hurdler Stina Troest, we were pleased to find that both were satisfied with our final product. And their opinion must be worth something! Check them out yourself today!