Compression socks are essentially close-fitting socks that gently keep your feet and lower legs tight by exerting a constant and graduated pressure on them. Sound uncomfortable? You’ll have to rethink yourself - once you have tried them, your legs will feel light as a feather.

But why would someone ever want to squeeze their legs into compression socks?

Surprisingly, compression socks have many benefits linked to both health and sports performance. By applying a moderate to firm pressure to your lower limbs, compression socks favor a better blood circulation, thus preventing your legs from getting tired, swollen and achy. The same compression also helps you to achieve faster muscle recovery in case of injuries or surgeries, thus boosting your performance to a new level.

How do compression socks do this?

If you want to go into technical details, compression socks act upon the basic venous blood circulation. Veins pumping deoxygenated blood back to the heart could be hindered by any alterations, causing the blood vessels' to expand. This leads to the subsequent weakening of the veins’ valves. Being unable to return to the heart, the venous blood will begin to accumulate in the legs, causing unpleasant swelling. By exerting external pressure on the lower legs, compression socks will reduce the diameter of your veins and place the valves back to their original position, thus enabling the venous blood to return to the heart.

So, who are compression socks for?

Potentially, everyone! Professionals, amateurs - a runner, hiker, canoer, boxer, volleyball, handball or basketball player - you name it. Compression socks will always support you, regardless of your sporting activity. In addition, they are the ideal solution for everyone who spends most of their days standing – from waiters, sales assistants, and flight attendants to tour guides, hairdressers, and nurses. Finally, compression socks greatly help promote a faster recovery in individuals with problems such as varicose veins, edema or to prevent blood clots, cramps, plantar fasciitis, fatigue, deep vein thrombosis. Now that you're familiar with how compression socks work, you're likely wondering how to choose the pair to fit your needs. So how do you choose your perfect compression sock? DANISH ENDURANCE provides you with different models, ranging from our 18-21 mmHg Compression Socks, our Calf Compression Sleeves and our 14 - 20 mmHg Organic Cotton Compression Socks! Stay tuned for our next article on how to choose your perfect DANISH ENDURANCE Compression Socks.  
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