Looking for the best running socks for long-distance running? Look no further. Aim to optimize your endurance endeavors and reach your goals with the DANISH ENDURANCE Long Distance Running Socks. Read along to discover the problem-solving technical features, background story, and availability of the newest addition to the DANISH ENDURANCE product line.
What features does the Long Distance Running Socks have?
The Long Distance Running Socks are made of breathable and sweat-wicking materials. The technical ventilation channels along, under, and on top of the foot will keep your feet fresh, dry and cool. The heel and toe are reinforced with extra cushioning, to maximize comfort and prevent frictions and blisters on the long distances. Additionally, the socks have an increased arch brace to add compression for plantar fasciitis.   [caption id="attachment_101674" align="aligncenter" width="413"]The DANISH ENDURANCE Long-Distance Running Socks The DANISH ENDURANCE Long Distance Running Socks[/caption]   The main problems that the Long Distance Running Socks help mitigate are the occurrence of blisters, bunching, and sweat – which often occurs on longer distances and heavily impacts your performance. During the extensive product testing with our DANISH ENDURANCE ambassadors, the product proved to help keep their feet comfortable and stable during even the longest of distances–thanks to the built-in technical features.   [caption id="attachment_101677" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Athletically Tested, Athletically Approved | Stina Troest, Olympic Runner Athletically Tested, Athletically Approved | Stina Troest, Olympic Runner [/caption]
Who should use these socks?
The Long Distance Running Socks are ideal for significant distances. This includes half marathons, marathons, trail, and ultra-running, but also for indoor and track-and-field running, or if you just want to give your feet extra comfort. If you participate in any such activities–or simply wish to push yourself further, then this is the perfect solution for you.
The origin of the product.
We always have our community and customers in mind in all areas of our company. We constantly strive to improve our products and develop and launch new products which will add value, solve problems, and help meet the requirements of our customers. The Long Distance Running Socks have been designed and crafted to do exactly just that–help solve your problems. With a design based in Denmark and manufacturing and production facilities in Europe, we secure good working conditions and minimize unnecessary long transport, further allowing you to make a sustainable choice.
The Long-Distance Running Socks can now be purchased via the DANISH ENDURANCE webshop or through our designated third-party resellers. Prices: € 15.95 – € 16.95 / DKK121 – DKK128  
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