Winter is approaching, and we are all getting excited to take our woolens out again. For as much as we like the magic combo of snow and hot chocolate, we all now have to deal with that big concern that we face every year: how can we keep our feet warm? The struggle is real and it’s even worse for all the outdoor-enthusiasts planning on their winter hiking and trekking trips – Let’s be honest: it is hard to enjoy that breath-taking view if your feet are freezing. Feel you can relate to this situation? No worries. We got you covered. Driven by our mission to provide you with the perfect socks for every occasion – whether running, biking, or simply walking – we created a wide range of hiking and trekking socks that will keep your feet warm in the harshest conditions!  


All our hiking socks are 100% OEKO-TEX certified and provide optimum thermic isolation. Developed in collaboration with the Danish adventurer and former Navy Seals Eric B. Jørgensen, they have endured the most extreme cold conditions. However, depending on the type of hiking adventure you plan to undertake, a model might be more suitable than the others. For this reason, we created 4 ideal hiking and trekking socks. Let’s have a look at each of them.  


These socks are regular hiking socks that will help you to endure all of your outdoor adventures, spanning from trekking to long walks in the mountains or on flat land. Both models are also among the top favorites of travelers and backpackers. Their soft Merino blend will keep your feet isolated, preventing that unpleasant sweaty sensation that you really don’t want to have while walking! Also, the anti-blister cushions will keep your feet nice and comfortable, making you overcome the toughest paths! How do you choose between our Hiking Classic Socks and Hiking Light Socks, though? That’s very easy! The two models differ in terms of material composition and length. Hiking Classic Socks will feel more thick and warm, and they are more suitable if you plan to hike with high boots or if you want to ensure very good calf protection in cold weathers. Hiking Light is perfect if you are walking with shorter boots and if you want to enjoy more calf freedom in milder temperatures. Overall, both socks are very good for hiking all-year long, it really depends on your preferences!



Are you worried to be assaulted by ticks or other annoying insects during your trips outdoors? Then our Anti-tick Performance Socks are the solution to your problem! These socks are treated with the insect repellent Permethrin. This treatment chases away insects, mosquitos, and ticks while not being dangerous for your skin or clothes. The anti-tick treatment and the knee-high length make these socks perfect for camping, hiking, trekking, long walks in areas that are at tick-risk or simply just to walk the dog. Also, they have proved their functions even in the harshest alpine conditions in the Himalaya! Their cushion and wool blend will keep your feet warm and comfortable everywhere! Finally, because ticks are a serious issue, bear in mind that kids’ sizes are also available!  


Our latest hiking model is great for alpine, skiing, snowboarding, outdoor adventures, hiking, mountaineering, trekking, and long walks. If you plan to go on your winter holidays, this is the sock you should bring! Our Alpine Socks will soon be available to our webshop, so stay tuned!

Our Alpine Socks will soon be available on our webshop! Stay tuned!


We hope this overview gave you an idea of which sock is the best for you next time you are going on an adventure. If you are curious to know more about our Hiking and Trekking socks feel free to swing by our webshop on the dedicated product page!