Accountant in her everyday life and dedicated ASICS Front-runner in her free time: Veronica Fabrianesi best fits the definition of everyday superhero combining her sports passion with the standard workday activities. With her rip-roaring enthusiasm, Veronica invests a lot of time and dedication in running. For the Roman athlete, running is both a physical and mental challenge, which helps her to free up her mind and pursue self-empowerment. Veronica is also a running coach and she loves hitting the roads of Rome with our DANISH ENDURANCE Socks. These will accompany her during the MARATONA DI ROMA, where she has very high ambitions.

Check out her interview below!

1. You are a passionate runner - how did this passion start and evolve?

I started running 3 years ago. Everything, unfortunately, started because of a family loss (my dad). I needed to find a sport that would keep both my mind and heart busy not to make me think too much about it. After trying many different sports, I started running. My first competition was called “La Corsa dei Santi ”, in the center of Rome. It took me more than 1 hour to complete it the first time, but I did not give up. I have committed more and more by training with other marathoners from my gym.

2. What do you like the most about running?

It is a moment for myself only. It allows me to leave negative and stressful thoughts behind, dragged by the strength of my legs.

3. You live in Rome - what are your favorite running spots?

I live in the very city center of Rome, I love running and I have the chance to run at the Colosseum, Imperial Forum and the Vatican, through the streets of the Eternal City.

4. How do you prepare for your marathons?

I train for marathons for at least 3 months. I rely on my trainer Marco Ambroselli, who is a FIDAL (The Italian Athletics Federation) instructor. He carefully prepares both training and nutrition schemes! I am very diligent, and I closely follow his instructions in order to reach my goals! I love sports and eating healthy!

5. Do you have any advice for international runners on which marathons to run in Italy?

The Rome Marathon, absolutely. It is a unique and wonderful experience. The finish line is at Altare della Patria, which is very famous, and to get there you need to go through the Colosseum and Piazza di Spagna, just wonderful!

6. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge has been on 24/06/2018. The 48KM Cortina Trail, in the Cortina mountains of Trentino Alto Adige. An amazing experience with unbelievable sceneries.

7. Do you have any dream or goal you want to achieve?

I would like to complete marathons below the 4 hours timing.

8. You are also a running coach – how would you describe this experience?

I love running and I try to transmit my passion to others, my enthusiasm and positivity really engage the audience!

9. You often run in our compression socks, what do you think about them?

I love your socks! They accompany me in my long-distance runs. I’ve recommended them to all my friends. Ultra tech material, perfect compression, and crazy colors!

10. Would you recommend them to other runners?

My experience in Cortina determined my 100% positive review. My legs have been compressed for the whole 48km and they felt light despite the effort. I have crossed a river and not even after 15 minutes, the socks were dry! They keep the legs tight to the right point for long distances, thus avoiding blood clots and sore legs. I love them! I also love the Low-Cut Socks, breathable, super comfortable and anti-blisters! Very important for runners!

11. What do you do when you are not running?

I love traveling, reading and listening to my favorite music. I love animals and I spend a lot of time with my two Chihuahuas Tito and Cesare, they are always with me!

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