We are super excited to introduce you to a whole new product! And we are not talking about socks this time… Our new men’s trunks are designed to secure you the perfect fit, whether you are dressing casually, going for a run or want to look at your best. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about our Endurance Trunks!


Underwear is the first thing you put on, the last thing you take off, and the one garment that is closest to you. In other words, underwear is very important and we really wanted to create a product that would offer the perfect experience when it comes to fit, comfort and of course… endurance!


Okay, underwear is important… but which underwear’s cut is the most comfortable? We did some research and noticed the great hype for men’s trunks out there. That’s not surprising! Their hybrid cut between a brief and a boxer makes them the most wanted men’s underwear worldwide! Indeed, the trunks’ cut is both comfortable and flattering. As you know, we believe in feeling comfortable from head to toe all day long, no matter what you do, and what you wear!


Our trunks are made of a mix of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This combination makes these trunks the best underwear for every activity, whether you're going for a run or running to a meeting. The amount of elastane makes the trunks stretchy without feeling like you are wearing compression shorts while helping the fabric feel softer than plain cotton. Furthermore, our trunks are equipped with the softest waistband, which means that these trunks sit comfortably on your waist, without falling down. Briefs might have a tendency to ride up in the back, but trunks don’t move around just because you do! These trunks just stay put.


As for every product we design and create, we work closely with Olympic athletes to secure you with the best products. Our trunks are no excuse! They are developed and designed in collaboration with Olympic gold medallist handball player Casper U. Mortensen. His opinion must be worth something and we hope that our trunks from DANISH ENDURANCE will serve as a top drawer essential.