Whether you want to show off the skills and pace that you have been working hard for throughout the winter or you simply want to partake in a nice outdoor run amongst likeminded enthusiast in the magical summer streets of Denmark, these events create the perfect scene for pushing boundaries, meeting new friends, and just an overall great time.
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  The top 5 Danish running events this summer:
  1. Telenor Copenhagen Marathon 2019
Date: May 19, 2019 Time: 9.30 Local Time Length: 41 km   For the ones among you that will be looking to showcase your endurance and efficiency, or prove to yourself that you can cross that finish line there is the annual Copenhagen Marathon taking place on the 19th of May. Prior to, after, and for the entire duration of the 41.195 Kilometers, the surrounding atmosphere is engulfing and every year it turns Copenhagen into a cocktail of high fives, big smiles, and beautiful encouragement from spectators and participants alike. The feeling of having crossed that finish line is fantastic, and this running event is an experience that you won’t soon forget!   Event entry: DKK 695 (93 EUR) until April 21st / DKK 750 (100 EUR) from April 22nd For further information click here.  
  1. Mikkeller Aftenløb 2019
Date: 19. June 2019 Time: 21.15 Local Time Length: 5 km   For a more casual event, there is the Mikkeller Aftenløb. This year the Mikkeller Bar Evening Run will take place in the Østerbro Stadion, where you will have the chance to witness Danish and international top athletes compete in the Copenhagen Athletic Games, which consists of a 100m sprint followed by an obstacle course culminating in a pole vault. Thereafter, the 5km Mikkeller Aftenløb will take place with a live DJ, sausages on the grill, and Mikkeller Bar’s own beer. This is the perfect scene for networking and the event has been known to be a wonderful time in the middle of the Danish summer.   Event entry: 140 DKK For further information click here.  
  1. Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019
Date: September 15, 2019 Time: 11.15 Local Time Length: 21 km   The little brother of the Copenhagen Marathon, the Copenhagen Half Marathon has attracted some of the world’s most elite runners since its beginning in 2014. The event has been fantastically popular in recent years, attracting tourists, locals, and professionals from all over the world to visit the Danish capital specifically for this event. Like the Copenhagen Marathon, this run also brings the local citizens to the streets to cheer runners on and every year the Danish capital allows for an outstanding scene. As a tourist, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the inner-city areas of Copenhagen, as the run takes you through some of the most popular and known corners of the central Copenhagen area. Get ready for a party in the streets that will take you through the major suburbs of the city, while thousands of spectating locals cheer you on!   Event entry: DKK 480 (65 EUR) until August 18th / DKK 535 (71.70 EUR) from August 19th For further information click here.  
  1. Ocean Run 2019
Date: May 4th Length: You choose The Ocean Run is a charity event that focuses on raising awareness on the immense plastic pollution around the world and to raise money for Plastic Change - an NGO fights against plastic pollution on a daily basis. The event takes place around one of the lakes at Amager Strandpark and one lap is 2 km. How many laps you wish to complete is entirely up to you, and the more laps you finish the more money you raise.   Event Entry: DKK 120 For further information click here.  
  1. Royal Run 2019
Date: June 10th, 2019 Length: One Mile, 5 km, 10 km The Danish crown prince continues the success from last year with another annual Royal Run in 2019. The crown prince joins the Danes in a festive running event taking place in Aarhus, København/Frederiksberg, Aalborg, starting on Færøerne. The run also takes place on Bornholm although the crown prince cannot attend there. In Aalborg, the princess Mary will join the runners, and in Aarhus and København the crown prince Frederik will join on the 10th, and on the 1st of June on Færøerne the Danish crown prince will start of the Royal Run-week with the one-mile run. The run allows you to participate in 3 lengths; one mile, 5 km, and 10 km. Event entry: One Mile = 110 DKK / 5 km = 180 DKK / 10 km = 290 DKK For further information click here.  
Which event will be your go-to this summer? Perhaps you will participate in more than one? Whatever you decide to do, we are certain that you are very likely to have a wonderful time, and that this probably will not be the last runner’s event in Copenhagen that you participate in! ??   To find the perfect pair of socks for your summer running adventure visit For more information visit