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Pernille Blume

Welcoming our newest ambassador.

From aspirations to dreams, Pernille Blume, Denmark's 2016 Olympic Gold Winner in Women's 50m Freestyle, has an interesting past, present, and (for sure) future. We sat down with Pernille right before the launch of her new line - Lingerie by Blume - and got to ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask her. From advice for young athletes to the moment she decided she wanted to swim professionally, this interview will help you to get to know Pernille.


Pourquoi avez-vous choisi Danish Endurance pour ce partenariat sur votre lingerie ?

Danish Endurance is one of the few Danish companies that support athletes, both existing high-level, but also new inspiring talents. How great is that!

They also have a high priority on the choice of quality and an equally high priority on conscious manufacturing, with a special focus on recycling.

I love that they don’t claim to be 100% sustainable, but that they every day aim to make changes in that direction.

Furthermore, I highly respect their business flair. Their sense of how the customer reacts and how to service them.

And I enjoyed the design process and how they have involved me in every aspect of design, colors, styles, fit, and materials, the process has been a pure pleasure.

I can’t wait to see how the costumers react to our new lingerie brand.

Qu'est-ce qui vous a inspiré pour développer vos collections de lingerie ?

For years I have been walking around and getting hurt by bras with “bøjle” like many other women. I appreciate comfort and feeling good with what I’m wearing, so when I saw some of my friends wearing small triangle bra’s with cute laces and some completely natural, then I knew I wanted to create something like that. It has to be sporty yet feminine and most important of all, it has to be a bra that feels so good to wear that you can sleep in it.

Que signifie l'endurance pour vous ?

It means perseverance, keep doing what you love, don’t stop because things get rough or because you want a result. Keep going because you love what you are doing every day.


Le fait de devenir championne olympique a-t-il changé votre vie d'une manière ou d'une autre ?

Yes, it did. On many levels, my life changed and I had to change with my life. Mostly it changed on the outside, but on the inside, it stayed the same. I got a different voice after the Olympics, suddenly many people wanted to hear what I was saying. I remember saying a prayer after the Olympics that went something like this: “Please universe help me use this Olympic Medal (my new found voice) in a way that helps lift other people, that inspires people and may it be greater than myself and serve a bigger picture”. I felt so grateful for my medal and my voice and I will never take that for granted.

Qu'est-ce qui vous apporte le plus de joie dans la natation ?

It’s the journey that brings me joy. I get to experience myself, my limits, my beliefs, and the world in a way that many people will never do. I’m 26 and I know my body in ways that many won’t understand, I’ve seen/met people from different backgrounds, different cultures and seen different layers of society in so many parts of the world because of my swimming.

Quels autres athlètes ( féminines ?) admirez-vous ?

To be honest I admire many female athletes. I love it when female athletes show how women can be very diverse even in sports. I admire all ladies who go out there and chase their dreams even though they might have been told that their body type didn’t fit with their sports. Female athletes are often very independent and creative, it inspires me to see other women speaking their minds and creating a universe where the masculine meets the feminine.

Quand avez-vous réalisé que vous vouliez faire de la natation professionnelle ?

En regardant les Jeux olympiques de 2008. Je veillais la nuit pour regarder la natation et je me souviens avoir songé que je voulais travailler dur et faire de mon mieux pour participer à un événement aussi important et prestigieux.

Comment vous entraînez-vous en dehors de la piscine ?

J'adore le yoga. J'essaie donc de faire du yoga à la maison, souvent en ligne, et il faut que ce soit relaxant pour mon corps et mon esprit.

Avez-vous des conseils à donner aux jeunes athlètes ?

Oui, à un moment donné, il faut cesser de douter de soi et s'engager ou se promettre de croire en soi. Lorsque vous vous préparez pour la compétition, forcez-vous à croire pleinement en vous, et ne laissez aucune place aux doutes, tenez votre promesse et repoussez les doutes.

Photographe : Mine Kasapoglu


What’s your favorite spot in Copenhagen?

I love all parts of Copenhagen, but recently I’ve been more attracted to Vesterbro. Vesterbro has so many diverse and interesting places such as cafés, shops, and markets.

Qu'est-ce qui vous manque le plus à propos du Danemark lorsque vous êtes absente ?

La liberté de prendre ma voiture et d'aller dans un endroit que je connais et, bien sûr, mes amis et ma famille.

Qu'aimez-vous faire pendant votre temps libre ?

Me reposer, haha. J'aime lire. Et j'aime laisser le jour décider de ce que je vais faire. Ma vie est très organisée à cause de la natation, alors j'aime pouvoir me laisser porter par le courant et voir où la vie me mène.

Décrivez-vous en 3 mots ?

Curieuse, aventurière, loyale.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

I’ve been giving so many good pieces of advice during the years, but I think the most important one is to always trust myself and my gut. Listen to my body and stay true to myself.

What’s your beauty secret?

Parlez-vous gentiment, faites des choses qui vous rendent heureux, et sentez-vous bien. Une personne heureuse avec une belle énergie est une belle personne.