The DANISH ENDURANCE Team at The Ocean Run 2019


The Ocean Run is a charity run that focuses on raising awareness of the immense plastic pollution around the world. In 2019, the run fundraised for Plastic Change – an NGO combatting plastic pollution.  The run took place this past Saturday the 4th of May, around Amager Beach Park. One lap is 2 km and it is entirely up to participants how many laps they wished to complete. However, the more laps you finished, the more money you raised. Whether you wanted to stack up the kilometers or simply go for a nice walk while contributing to a wonderful cause, everyone was welcome.

On a sunny and windy spring Saturday in Copenhagen, people gathered from all over the country to participate in the Ocean Run, and this year, the DANISH ENDURANCE team participated in the Ocean Run as well. As a company, we strive to support brilliant athletes as well as good causes. This was the perfect opportunity for us to get a day out of the office while also contributing to combatting global plastic pollution.

A trio consisting of our very own Head of Germany, E-commerce Samurai, and friend of the brand, each ran 8 rounds – amounting to 16 kilometers each. The DANISH ENDURANCE team collectively ran a total of 92 km on the day. That is 736 DKK raised for Plastic Change. Go on, guys!

Well done to the whole DANISH ENDURANCE team and to everyone else who participated in the Ocean Run!

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