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Supporting women in sports

For International Women's Day we are donating 20% of our sales to The National Association against Eating Disorders and Self-Harm

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At DANISH ENDURANCE, we want to empower and support women to nurture a healthy relationship with their bodies and with sports.

Eating disorders are particularly prevalent among female athletes, making this topic especially close to heart. We want to help athletes struggling with this condition and raise awareness of the issue.

For this week, we are donating 20% of our website sales to LMS, the Danish organization supporting those struggling with eating disorders. The donation will help provide counseling and support for young people, including face-to-face meetings and support groups.

Watch our CEO Nicolaj Due and Olympic Swimmer Pernille Blume raising awareness about athletes health

Donate now to join our efforts to make sports healthier.
For more information, visit LMS

Danish Endurance CEO — Nicolaj Due

At DANISH ENDURANCE, we encourage healthy participation in sports. Advocating for healthy participation in sports means acknowledging the problems of the industry, and proactively facing them. In Denmark, eating disorders among elite athletes are often regarded as taboo. For International Women’s Day, we choose to challenge this taboo. Because we want to bring your endurance to the next level, without compromising your level of health.

Olympic Gold Medalist — Pernille Blume

When you fall into harmful behaviors, it is crucial to acknowledge them.
Listen to the inspiring words of our ambassador Pernille Blume, on the importance of always celebrating your bodies and muscles.

Contribute through buying our items



Or make a direct donation to LMS

LMS - The National Association against Eating Disorders and Self-Harm - is a Danish organization supporting those struggling with eating disorders. Donate now to join our efforts to make sports healthier.

Advice from LMS if you are faced with an eating disorder


Seek help for an eating disorder. Either with your own doctor or with LMS - Landsforeningen mod spiseforstyrrelser og selvskade

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Talk about the problem. Nothing good comes from being all alone with the challenges


Get it done! Because we know, that the faster you get help, the better the prognosis for getting out of the eating disorder again

IWD 2021 campaign theme:

To ensure that our products are of high quality and live up to our sustainability standards, we work with different certifications. 
For more information, see the section below to understand whawt these certifications are and why they are important to us.
International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

The campaign theme for IWD 2021 is 'Choose To Challenge'. For as much as we are not an official partner of the event, we want to make our contribution to this theme, by challenging and raising awareness on the judgment and ideal of women’s body types in sports.

For more information about the IWD 2021 “Choose To Challenge” theme, please visit the International Women's Day website.

Click here to go to IWD 2021.

Learn more about eating disorders within elite sports in Denmark

Report "Spiseforstyrrelser i dansk eliteidræt" is available for download through the link.
*In Danish

Download now