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The collaboration with Olympic athletes and outdoor adventurers is one of our pillars. Thanks to their continuous product testing and feedback, we constantly improve our products to ensure that they comply with the highest standards and endure your most strenuous training.


With her glamorously natural smile and confidence, Pernille Blume is Denmark’s 2016 Olympic gold winner in women’s 50m freestyle. Class 1994, Pernille has pursued a brilliant career in swimming and is well determined to take part in the next Olympic Games.
Like our other ambassadors, Pernille has a lot of energy to sell, and she is collaborating with us to launch her first collection of lingerie – to show endurance and femininity both on and off the swimming pool.

Stay updated on Pernille's life on her Instagram.


Motivation, self-discipline, and a cup of coffee in the morning. These are the words best characterizing Stina Troest, the Olympic runner who is striving to represent Denmark in the next Olympics in the 800-meter sprint.
Stina follows an intense training routine, which is all about sprints and endurance intervals, distance running, strength, and technical workouts. Stina exercises with great commitment, bringing her shoes – and socks(!) – wherever she goes.
Given her dedication, energy, and perseverance, who else could best represent our brand’s essence? Stina is constantly collaborating with DANISH ENDURANCE to improve our range of sports socks. Her favorite ones? The Quarter Pro Athletic Socks.

Follow Stina on Instagram!


Ambition, humility, and commitment. This is how the handball player Casper U. Mortensen made his way to F.C. Barcelona– his dream team since he was a child. Casper is one of the key players of the Danish National Team. In the past, he played for HSV Hamburg and TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, where he became the top scorer of the German Bundesliga.
Still not impressed? Well, Casper also took part in the Olympics in Rio in 2016, where he– no surprise – won the gold medal with the Danish team. Most recently, he became World Champion again during the 2019 IHF Men’s World Championship, in a stunning final against our Norwegian fellows.
After entering the FC Barcelona recovering from the injury that kept him away from handball for 398 days, Casper is more committed than ever. His “recipe for success” is focused on perseverance and teamwork. And he wears our DANISH ENDURANCE Compression Socks during every training and every match.

Stay updated on Casper’s adventures and training sessions on Instagram and Facebook.


Endurance, determination, and perseverance. Thanks to these characteristics, Rasmus made his way up to Mount Everest in May 2019. By succeeding in his endeavor, Rasmus became the first Dane climbing the mountain without the use of artificial oxygen.
Coming from flat Denmark, Rasmus is passionate about high mountains. In order to reach the Mount Everest summit, Rasmus followed a rigorous training routine that combines trail and ultra-running with climbing.
Rasmus is the man that brought our DANISH ENDURANCE Alpine Ski Socks to the highest point on Earth.

Follow Rasmus on Instagram and Facebook!


Limitations are only perceptions. And if we challenge them, we can prove that we can overcome them.
This is the powerful message Anders Hofman wants to deliver by undertaking the first-ever Ironman distance triathlon in Antarctica, the Iceman, in February 2020.
The so-called “Project Iceman” is not an official race or competition, but a way to prove that every ordinary person can achieve his or her extraordinary dream. By enduring every challenge and by setting no limits, everything becomes possible.
Anders completed the Iceman challenge in February 2020, by swimming 3.8 km, biking 180 km and running 42.2 km in the cold land of Antarctica. It took him 72 hours, 54 minutes, and 9 seconds to complete his project.

Do you want to know more about the Project Iceman challenge? Check out Anders’ website, watch him get him ready on his Youtube channel, and do not miss an update on his Instagram and Facebook pages!