At DANISH ENDURANCE we care about sustainability.
We are constantly working to improve our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental footprint.



At DANISH ENDURANCE we care about sustainability. We are constantly working to improve our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental footprint.


We are still far from perfect, but we continuously try to improve and educate ourselves to incorporate sustainable thinking into our production practices. We promise that we will work hard every single day to reduce our footprint and strive for a more sustainable world.


Keep reading to find out about our sustainability projects and areas of development.


Our first sustainable collection


In 2020 we launched our Sustain line, our first sustainable clothing collection made in Europe from 100% recycled materials.


Our Sustain sports t-shirts are made of OEKO-TEX and GRS certified recycled materials, that have excellent breathable and moisture-wicking properties – to run comfortably and sustainably.


Products designed to last


Quality and durability are our top priorities. That is why we closely monitor our production processes and regularly perform quality checks by listening to our customers’ feedback. It is our goal to design products that can last over the years and can live up to the greatest standards of endurance and workmanship – to buy less, more responsibly.


High-quality materials


Our products are made to last. And this means investing in high-quality fabrics. That is why all our products are made of OEKO TEX standard 100 certified materials to ensure they are free from harmful substances.


Furthermore, we only use mulesing-free Merino wool coming from Europe, to ensure the sheep are not harmed during the shearing process. In 2019, we also introduced our first underwear line in organic cotton, to reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides that harm the environment.


Furthermore, our product development team is always on the hunt for new low-impact materials. Therefore, we are introducing two more eco-friendly materials to our product selection: bamboo and recycled polyester.


Read more about the advantages of these new materials below.



Our premium bamboo viscose has natural anti-bacterial and high-absorbency properties – up to 3 to 4 more absorptive than cotton fibers.


Bamboo fibers are fast-growing grass with self-regenerative properties that do not need to be replanted. These properties make bamboo more environmentally friendly than cotton.

Recycled Polyester

Our premium recycled polyester is both OEKO-TEX and GRS certified. Made from post consumers’ waste, our recycled polyester allows us to save up resources in comparison to the virgin fabric.


Furthermore, our recycled polyester is breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking.


Goodbye plastic bags!


We are gradually saying goodbye to single-use packaging and shifting towards recycled paper packaging.


The switch to recycled packaging allow us to save almost 2 million plastic bags in 2020 – for a greener, happier world.


We only work with trusted factories that ensure fair working conditions and are free of child and forced labors. Furthermore, we carefully select our partners not only based on their focus on quality, fitting and workmanship, but also in terms of certifications they can provide – in order to assure high-quality and reliable products.

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