Men's Socks

Start feeling comfortable from the ground up with our collection of men's socks, designed and produced in Europe. Our wide selection of socks for men covers every one of your occasions. Our male socks range from classic models such as suit or trainer socks to compression socks or sleeves over to socks for sports and outdoor socks.

For The Long Run with Danish Endurance Socks

We want you to perform your best without having to worry about your socks at any time. Therefore, we offer socks for all of your challenges, be it everyday or extraordinary. Our classic socks feature mens trainer or sneaker socks, slipper socks and invisible socks as well as dress socks. No matter if you need them for working out or everyday wear, we carry everything from support stockings over leg sleeves to flight socks. At Danish Endurance, we love being active and outdoors. To fully enjoy this, we also offer different kinds of thermal socks. These comprise walking and hiking socks, ski socks, and boot socks. If you are looking for socks for sports, discover our diverse range of running socks, cycling socks, and tennis socks.

Find Your Favorite Style

Our goal is to develop designs that you need and want. To live up to our customers' different preferences, we offer several styles. Discover different lengths of socks such as knee high socks, ankle socks, crew socks or low-cut socks. In addition, you can find socks with different designs. When looking for classic styles, take a look at our white socks and black socks. At the same time, we also offer colorful socks, such as pink or green, or socks with pattern such as striped socks.