Everything we make has an impact on our planet. As an outdoor & endurance brand, we are aware of this impact and of the efforts, we need to collectively make to become more sustainable.

The road to full sustainability is long and complex, but we never say no to a challenge.

Even if we are still far from perfect, we are working hard to incorporate sustainable thinking into our production practices. Over the years, we have achieved big milestones such as working with third-party certifications for the fabric we use, as well as eco-friendly packaging.

In the upcoming years, we want to do even better.

Keep reading to discover our sustainability projects and areas of development.

Our Focus Areas


We are not fast fashion. We want you to enjoy high-quality products that are durable, and long-lasting. Backed by innovation and technology, all products are designed in Denmark and are meant to endure for many years to come. Our product development team relentlessly improves our product catalog, supported by customer feedback and in close collaboration with top athletes.

We are aware that even the most durable products are subject to wear and tear. That is why we allowed ourselves to create this care & repair page to show you a few easy tricks to enjoy our products longer.


100% STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified → Every component of our articles – from threads, fabrics, and buttons – has been tested against harmful substances.


38%* natural → with all our merino styles using mulesing free wool to preserve animal welfare

52%* synthetic → with a quarter of these styles containing more than 50% recycled materials in their product composition – and no worries! We are already at work to grow the percentage from 25% to 40% by the end of 2024

*these percentages were calculated based on the highest fiber in the product composition


Work with certifications

Developing products on sustainable principles means investing in high-quality fabrics that can be sourced sustainably.

We believe that this can only be achieved by working with trusted third-party certifications that can attest to the validity of our claims and ensure transparency throughout the whole production process including social compliance.

We are already working with GRS-, and GOTS-certified materials, and we have the ambition to increase the number of our products holding these certifications.

In 2023, we are also exploring new certifications, such as the RWS on our merino styles.

Certifications explained

GRS Global Recycle Standard – to verify the recycled content of our products and to confirm responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in the production process


GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard – to ensure the organic status of textiles from the harvesting of raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labeling


RWS Responsible Wool Standard – GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard


Minimize dead stock and returns

Products are best when kept out ofthe landfill. Over the years, we have worked on a number of initiatives to minimize our dead stock and returns. These include:

- Optimizing our products’ fit and features based on customers’ feedback

- Packing re-sellable returns

- Donating to local charities

- Bringing unsellable returns to recycling facilities

- Educating our customers on the importance of mindful purchases and the impact of unnecessary returns

Our Focus Areas


IN 2018

We said goodbye to plastic bags and entirely switched to recycled paper envelopes.

IN 2022

We prevented the production of over 2 million plastic bags, implemented a re-sealable design to maximize the lifespan of the envelopes in case ofreturns, and pursued the FSC Mix Certification on 95% of our product catalog.

IN 2023

We are focusing on pursuing the FSC Mix certification on 100% of our envelopes.

Certifications explained

The FSC label is the world’s most trusted mark for sustainable forestry. The FSC Mix Certification ensures that the product is made with a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled wood. This mitigates the risk ofthe material originating from unacceptable sources.


Our Focus Areas


We are a young and diverse team of 55 professionals from 20+ different nationalities, with an almost 50%-50% gender split. You can truly say our team brings ideas from all over the world to incomporate sustainable thinking into our everyday life at the office.

Our team members collectively work to promote sustainable initiatives at the office. From organizing sample donations to local charities to buing low-impact office supplies and organic fruit, to best practicies to reduce our energy consumption - you name it!

Our Focus Areas


Transport accounts for a big portion of CO2 emissions.

Throughout the years, we increased the use of sea transport - the least polluting one – and reduced our air shipments, but we know we can still improve.

Our goal is to always lean towards the most climate-friendly solution, further reduce the size of our packaging to optimize shipments, and always ship at full capacity.

During 2023, we commit to continuing the dialogue with our shipping partners to explore solutions to become greener.