Keep your products in shape for many more adventures to come


All the tips to avoid laundry disasters and give your clothes a longer, interesting life.

- Always check the instructions on the care label. You can find them printed inside all our garments, on our product pages, and – soon – even on the sticker of the packaging

- Wash your garments when they really need it: too much machine washing is not kind to the environment and your energy bills. When you can, air your clothes out and handwash dirty areas with warm water and mild soap

- If you machine wash, cold washing or washing at 30°C uses less energy than washing at 40°C. Always wash the product(s) with similar colors to avoid potential staining. Use a detergent suited to the garment(s) you’re washing –preferably a non-toxic and biodegradable one

- Do not use fabric softener. It can impair the functionality of the products, such as the ability to wick away moisture

- Do not tumble dry. This may lead to undesired shrinking and damage. Choose to hang your clothes instead so that they can dry naturally

- Prevent micro-plastic pollution: putting your synthetic clothing into a filter bag before washing by hand or machine can significantly reduce the flow of microplastic into your drain. Also, this will prevent delicate items from snagging or twisting


The practical how-to guide to quick fixes and repairs.

We design our products to be durable and long-lasting. But over time, all products are subject to wear and tear. We are big fans of DIY repairs, so we decided to share our knowledge on the most common issues you may encounter.

And remember: in case you are struggling to repair your holes or zippers, there are many skilled tailors out there that are able to help at low costs!